Renovation. These are chapters which EXCURSION re-opened with their HXA series and has a long tradition already on regular terms. So also in 2019 takes place.

Under the more than a decade known sheep's clothing or the popular functional and simple "Military Design" is a wolf to permanent development. Sometimes unspectacular through the smallest details that help improve something known and good. Sometimes, but also in the big litter with completely revised signal input stage with groundbreaking equipment to then in a small approach with only additional "Stands" to stabilize the feet of the transformer core coil on to further reduce vibrations. Where is the Maxim in connection a MINI in size amplifier and so EXCURSION adapt the connections to the double distribution of the sister brand Hollywood ENERGETIC. In the selection of all components is always set to sustainability, precision and true longevity and then look to the cost.

This results in real value.

Every proud owner who has already adjusted his HXA amplifr with the precision of an armored cupboard knows about the difference and some wonder how this can work in this price range. In fact, we also initially rely on internationally proven and successful layouts, which usually already in the basic version can be found in higher price ranges on the market at other brands. This way the HXA Tradition and success story is quickly explained and built up through our informed customers and specialists in Europe.

Take part on the strength of an european brand and start compare. Should you ever miss further features such as DIN Plug & Play connectivity, DSP or BlueTooth audio streaming at some point in the future, then we have already made provisions for you today with our PXA P6 system upgrade.

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